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If you are allergic to dust mites, mold spores, pet dander or cockroach droppings, winter can be tough because of the increased amount spent indoors. You can take steps to reduce your symptoms for easier breathing throughout the colder months. Here are three simple ways you can make your home winter allergy friendly.

Keep It Clean

When your home is regularly cleaned, you may have relief from your allergies. Clean carpets with a HEPA vacuum to reduce allergens. Hardwood and tile floors are even easier to clean with a damp mop to pick up dust and dander. Wash your bedding in hot water once a week to eliminate any buildup. You may want to invest in protective covers for your mattress and pillows as well.

Opt for a Humidifier

With heat running over the winter, your home may become dry, and that’s a good thing. When your humidity is low, you can have less mold growth in damp areas. If you opt to use a humidifier, be sure to keep it clean and disinfected.

Leave Windows Open from Time to Time

Indoor air can get stuffy, and when the house is cleaned, the dust and other allergens may become airborne. Try to crack open your windows and doors on a warmer day after cleaning to allow fresh air inside and give the dust and dander a chance to escape.

Any of these tips may help your allergy symptoms throughout the winter. If you would like more information on managing your indoor allergies, contact Allergy & Asthma Centers SC at 414-281-0404.