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Terry S. Graves, MD, John E. Basich, MD, Walter Brummund, MD, PhD, James A. Cranberg, MD, Mary E. Burnett, MD
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Allergy Testing

We’d like to take a moment to explain how we test for allergies so that you feel prepared for your visit.
Skin Tests
These are performed in one or two visits of two to three hours each. Skin tests must be correlated with the allergy history in order to be significant. For example, if you have nasal symptoms during the month of June (when grasses pollinate) but you have only a positive skin test to ragweed (which pollinates from mid-August to September), it is unlikely that your symptoms and your skin test are related.
Two types of skin test are performed: 
1. Prick tests (Percutaneous) on the back or forearms
2. Intradermal (Intracuraneous) on the arm
The number of tests may vary depending on the individual. Both types of tests may be mildly uncomfortable. There is a small chance of developing an allergic reaction from the testing, although this occurs very rarely.
If your child is to be tested, we will be happy to demonstrate each type of test on you, if you so desire.
The tests are read 15-20 minutes after the application.
Inhalant Tests
Inhalant tests, such as ragweed pollen, cat, dust, etc. are most common.
Food Tests
Food tests are done only if your history is suggestive of food hypersensitivity problems.

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